Honest Now: It’s Not Anti-Corruption

I need to find more details this week,  but here is the idea behind some user-friendly changes the LtgGovernor approved for the ballot on that bill that will barely allow you to vote anymore. 

I was told at a rally Friday that it is no longer called the Anti-corruption Act.   Makes sense to do that since it really doesn’t stop a crook from accepting a bribe.  That’s still legal in Alaska.

It also now notes in the ballot description that it will effect the families of state contractors and other people.  Oh yes.

“Immediate family” includes the following: spouse, child,  spouse’s child, son-daughter-in-law, parent, sibling, grandparent,  grandchild, step-brother-sister, step-arent, parent-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, guardian, and domestic partner.  That’s directly from the initiative.

I need more details to see what other changes were made in the ballot description.  What the LtgGovernor is trying to do is avoid the advertising approach that put it on the ballot in the first place — someone going to the polls in August, reading the title “Anti-Corruption Act”  and saying, Oh Sure, we all want that — then voting for the thing. If it weren’t changed,  the next initiative would be entitled the Double Our PFD Checks Act and it would set up a state income tax or something.

Meanwhile,  Carol Comeau couldn’t come to the Legislature — or even to the Anchorage Assembly — to ask for support for schools. Kathie  Wasserman couldn’t talk about municipal issues.   John MacKinnon couldn’t try to get projects for members of the Association of General Contractors to bid on.   Neither could his spouse, child, spouse’s child … (etc) …domestic partner.   Okay, I won’t go any farther there.

All that would left are lobbyists — and they couldn’t represent non-profits,  municipalities, etc.

It needs a lot of clarification now so the courts won’t  have to do it later.



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